Zinia Pants (Blue Denim)

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To give a denim feel to the stretchy fabric
I used the fabric I designed and printed from the design myself :)
The luxurious ' Gray Denim ' unique to PORIZ that you can't see anywhere else, and
Blue Denim ', which is lively but not flashy .
I prepared it in 2 colors :)
*All clothes are recommended to be washed separately*

Gray denim is a gray color that does not turn brown at all :)
Chiffon was added to the chest bone line to minimize the feeling of tightness.
A more safe and cute design was completed by giving a point with an X-shaped line .
small pocket on the back of the pants makes it even more cute!!ღ

Four grease own design fabric printing one
While adding a youthful feeling to the western denim concept , use a calming color to avoid being too flashy.
I drew it from scratch and designed it myself :)
Fabric that fits snugly on the body while holding on to the flesh
You can feel comfortable wearing it by using a strong fabricღ
Add nude chiffon to the breastbone and give an X-shaped point
It's cute and safe.
Emphasize femininity with a non-thick shoulder strap and heart neckline
Which smoothly connect the curve in
Femininity stands out more than sportiness.
This is a neckline that suits everyone :)
Cute mini pockets in the pants ෆෆ
I also added a mini pocket point to bring out the denim feel :)
Zinia is more attractive with a very cute point
Wide design foot wide by
I made it safe for any movement.
It has a wide width and even legs, so it's even safer.
No more worries about exposure
Use a pad with a thickness of 2 to 2.5 cm to collect it without being excessive.
Pads are provided as standard :)
*If you want a slim pad, please write it down in the shipping request and we will replace it and send it to you.*

✔This product is a product without the bottom band.
It has good elasticity, so there is no restriction on the undergarment.
For those with large bust or tall whey
The shoulder strap may be short, so size M is recommended.
✔For those who purchased Pori 1, we recommend the same size.