Ribbon Bliss Set (Milk Tea)

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介紹JMin家最新系列Ribbon Bliss☆
剛發布時我們還以為出了幾套新品 原來都是同一套!
這套真心新手老手都必須入手 小編大推!!
CP值超高的 可以漂亮又基礎的單品 當泳衣也可!
▪ Removable Paddings
▪ Wire-free
▪  For active & swim
Colour: Ash Rose, Milk Tea, Cream White, Black Night
Size: S, M
(Fits true to size)
Swimwear/Underwear Charcoal Color Image-S1L3
Swimsuit / underwear model wearing image - S7L1
Swimwear/underwear white color image-S2L5

Swimsuit/Underwear Cream Color Image-S2L6

Swimwear / underwear product image -S2L9

Cross the string and tie it behind the neck.
It is also possible to produce a more refreshing look :)

Swimsuit/Underwear Cream Color Image-S2L8

Detail View

The detail image is the closest to the actual product color.
Colors may vary by monitor.

Swimwear/underwear product detail image-S1L13

The double layered pattern on the lower chest
Gather your breasts naturally
Everyone, from small cups to large cups
lovely to wear
It's polewear with a ribbon design♡

Swimwear/underwear product detail image-S1L14

Swimwear/underwear product detail image-S1L11

Swimwear/Underwear product detail image-S1L12

Neat shoulder strap sewing and stitching
It gives off a more feminine atmosphere with the ribbon :)

Swimwear/underwear product detail image-S1L15

Pants are high-waisted
Hide the belly fat
Peach hip production with hip line shirring♡

Swimwear/underwear coral color image-S2L11

Swimwear/underwear product detail image-S1L16

Swimsuit / underwear model wearing image - S1L7

in warm colors
Light skin or dark skin
Carefully selected colors that suit everyone ♡

Swimwear/underwear product detail image-S1L18

Swimwear/underwear product detail image-S1L17

Pole wear is so pretty when paired with Polme♡
It's perfect for pole profile and friendship profile outfits :)

Swimwear/Underwear -S2L15

Swimwear / underwear white color image - S2L2

Swimwear/underwear white color image - S2L3

Swimsuit/Underwear Cream Color Image - S2L4

Swimwear/Underwear Charcoal Color Image-S2L1

Swimwear / underwear product image -S1L50

Swimwear/underwear product detail image-S1L19

Swimwear/underwear product detail image-S1L20

Swimwear / underwear product image -S6L1