Hela Angel Set (Burgundy Wine)

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Colour: Burgundy Wine
Size: S, M

A reddish burgundy with a bluish hue, the angel burgundy of strange beauty.


Angel Burgundy also uses detachable frills and straps.

Sometimes  sensual , sometimes lovely and pretty -

You can create a variety of feelings.




Hella Signature Angel Burgundy can also be used as polewear and swimwear.

It consists of 1 top + 1 bottom + frill 1 + soft foam triangle pad .



Hella includes pads to fit all polewear.

Angel Burgundy also includes a soft foam triangular pad to fit the design .

No need to purchase pads separately.



It has pad pockets, so you can add or replace other pads.


The sound of the thread breaking when worn for the first time is the sound of breaking when temporarily sewn threads remain.

You can rest assured that it is not defective. thank you.