Spring Blossom Series 봄꽃시리즈

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- Spring Blossom Series 봄꽃시리즈 -
Fluffy Top/ Tank Top/ High Pants/ Shorts
以及春日感滿滿的兩色選擇:Sakura, Daisy White
▪ Mix-and-match style
▪ Removable paddings
▪ Wire-free
▪ For active & swim
Colour: Sakura, Daisy White
Size: S, M
(If you are between size when choosing Tank Top, we recommend to size down)
Swimwear/Underwear -S1L38
Swimwear/Underwear -S1L39
Swimwear/underwear product image-S7L4
Swimwear/underwear gray color image-S7L5
Swimwear/underwear model wearing image-S7L6
The tank top is in the middle of the side line 
Comes with a detachable hook
Various styling is possible :)
Swimwear/underwear model wearing image-S7L10
Swimwear/underwear model wearing image-S7L19
Swimwear/underwear model wearing image-S23L4
Swimwear/underwear color image-S1L23
Swimwear/underwear model wearing image-S7L21
Swimwear/underwear model wearing image-S27L1
Swimwear/underwear product image-S7L12
The inside of the top is also made of the same fabric
There is no problem with the flipping motion.

Also, the strap has a band to make it more solid
There is a band in the back of the tower, so there is less flow of the back.
Swimwear/underwear product detail image-S1L28
Just by changing the pants design, it will change your mood.
Swimwear/underwear model wearing image-S7L16
Swimwear/underwear model wearing image-S23L1
Fluffy Top + Short Pants / Tank Top + Short Pants
Swimwear/underwear white color image-S8L3

Fluffy Top + High Waist / Tank Top + High Waist

Swimwear/underwear white color image-S8L5